Sharing the Love of Jesus with the people of Ukraine!

Update September 14, 2019

Fall weather arrived today, and the fall semester is in full swing. In the past two weeks I have visited seven classes and interacted with almost 100 students and 6 teachers. Next week I will teach a class on Christian Worldview for about 20 graduate students at Evangel Theological Seminary. Please keep our work with students in your prayers.

We host two small group meetings at our apartment each week and both groups are reading through the gospels, focusing on prayer and what Jesus wants to do in and through our lives. These groups are composed of people who have been walking with Jesus for years, and people who are learning about Jesus for the first time. No matter where people are on their faith journey, we want to help them fall more in love with Jesus.

I am helping lead a campus ministry small group that meets on Tuesday nights for international and Ukrainian students who speak English. Lora has prepared great meals for the past two weeks and the international students are loving her cooking! It is very interesting to have people from at least three continents (Europe, North America, and Africa) and multiple countries eating and studying Scripture around the same table.  

The “Gorlovka ladies” are doing well and continue to meet each week as a church family. The war is ongoing, though not much news gets reported about it anymore. These ladies, and our neighbors in Gorlovka, continue to live in the uncertainty of a war-torn area. Please continue praying for peace!

We are so thankful for your partnership that makes it possible to us to live and work in Kiev. Please keep our family and our work in your prayers.

Grace and peace,

Kenny Payne

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Update August 21, 2019

Thanks to everyone who donated to our fundraising project “$30,000 in 30 Days.” God blessed us, through your generosity, with $27,500, leaving us only $2,500 to raise in some other way. We are so grateful to everyone who decided to partner with us through giving and prayer!

We returned to Kyiv on August 1st and plan to be here until December 18th. We have been meeting with both our college age group on Friday nights and our young adult group on Sunday nights. In addition, we have been spending time with individuals and families, sharing meals, reconnecting and enjoying the last bit of summer.

We have submitted our paperwork for our temporary resident permit renewal and are waiting for them to be issued, hopefully in the next few weeks. As always there have been a few “repair projects” at the apartment – seems like they always come in bunches, usually around the time we arrive back in Kyiv!

I will be teaching Christian Worldview this fall at Evangel Theological Seminary and conversational English classes at Grinchenko University starting in September.

We are gearing up for a full and exciting fall! We are thankful to have such great ministry partners, and we are praying that your fall will also be enjoyable and fruitful as God continues to bless your life.   

Grace and peace

Kenny Payne